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Since the dawn of turtles humans have been trying to live a simpler life, and traveling has been no exception. It can get complicated, with many headaches along the way, and can feel lonely sometimes too, but that’s what we’re here for. We strive to make your travel experience simple and refreshing, while getting to be a part of a family of likeminded travelers. With Same But Different Traveler you don’t just see the waves, we ride the waves just like the turtles, with ease.


We are not a tour company, we are a lifestyle. And we like to think of our lifestyle as pure awesomeness. Through our own travel experience we have learned to be more confident, better problem solvers and generally more capable of adapting to any culture we come across. So, when you travel with SBDTraveler you can have the confidence knowing we’ve been there, and are still there, growing just like you. We will be there partying the nights away to singing kumbaya around a beach fire, helping you along your way to finding your own awesomeness, not just as your peers but as life long friends you can count on ­ kind of like a family. When you first get on that plane to your first adventure with SBDTraveler you start out as a caterpillar, but at the end, you leave as a beautiful butterfly and that’s pretty awesome, right?


We have seen the damage tourism brings to the environment and local communities first hand. It’s because of this we started Karmony. Karmony is our incentive based program that allows you, me, and all travelers alike the opportunity to give back on our trips or on your own. We believe doing good karma creates harmony with our environment and cultures we come across. So with every good deed you do, make a short clip or photo of the deed, upload it on your social media accounts and #sbdkarmony and tag us @sbdtraveler to create a global culture of awareness. In return SBDTraveler wants to reward you with FREE things for helping us take the first steps towards change.

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