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Hola, my name is Anthony Henriquez. I grew up in both the USA and Puerto Rico! I have been traveling solo and around the world since I was a little boy. As an adult now, I still find it easier to wear those plastic identification necklaces at the airports as I did as a child, it certainly helps to get the flight attendants attention still.
My personal and families background revolves around the culinary world. I always worked in the kitchen, until one day my family was desperate enough to put me in the front of the house, what an experience. I have seen quite a bit growing up on my adventures, and it has helped shift my mind in many positive ways. I believe that we are all equipped to help one another. Just as we all have five senses, we were all born with the ability to improve one an others lives. That means each individual who takes one of these trips has the potential to make a difference within themselves, others, and this planet.
For me, the ultimate success of this company will be measured not by how many trips are sold, but by the number of people it inspires to continue their travels and to share kindness all over the world. I look forward to seeing you somewhere on this planet!

(Shout out to the Serano family for taking me on one EPIC adventure as a child)


All the way from the land where we ride kangaroos to work I call Australia home. Since my first trip to Indonesia in early 2010 I became hooked on seeing this crazy world and everything it has to offer when I'm old and can't wipe my own ass I would love to be able to tell people that I've had a beer in most of the worlds countries and also mars. Mars would be really cool to visit. It's ironic that I'm talking about beer because my current situation I'm hungover in the back seat of a car driving through the mountains of North Carolina. So rather than just reading this shity bio you should put in your credit card details and come have a beer with me in some sketchy town tucked in a unfamiliar part of the globe.


Hi guys, I'm Jackie! I like to make pterodactyl noises, and while googling how to spell pterodactyl I was shocked it started with a P! I've been floating around this beautiful planet for 6+ years now, making the most out of every opportunity that comes my way.
My spirit animal is a turtle, I love turtles. I enjoy surfing, diving, holding my breath as long as I can... Just anything to do with water really. Chubby Bunny is one of my favorite games, mostly because I love marshmallows.
Hiking anywhere to see a great sunset is top priority in my book, speaking of books I love those too. Abandoned buildings, sign me up; spooky ghosts don't scare me.
I'd like to meet Zach Galifianakis one day, I think we'd be great friends. Or Bob Ross, there is something really soothing in his voice, and he can paint a whole mountain in one brush stroke.


We are all the same and we are all different. I am a traveler, from a long time, my name is Noufel Lesfer, everyone calls me Yanis, I am Moroccan traveler and I am considered key travelers in my country, I know every city every region, I am a pass everywhere in my country. With me, we never get bored.
An Intellectual traveler, I like to read, and learn, a large cultural baggage Moroccan and international, open to everything. I like to talk, to travel and especially to have fun.
For me the most important thing is to have fun safely to enjoy what life has offered us. Live a journey that we will always remember and always wish to do it again.
I am waiting for you with open arms in Morocco to make you discover the wonders of Africa.


I see you want to know more about me probably due to the irresistible charm displayed in my photos.
I've been called The Notorious Nomad,The Wise Wanderer, and The Attractive Adventurer.
Well...I may or may not have been called any of those, in fact most people just call me Kyle. (Sorry to disappoint.)
Anyway I've hiked, swam and rode throughout several countries and learned so much about the world and myself. I love music, art, and opening the mind. I've attended countless concerts and festivals, had my art displayed in zero art galleries, and opened my mind by gaining knowledge through experiences. While I do enjoy a nice evening relaxing at the home or hostel you're more than likely to find me leading a pub crawl or is it crawling from the pub? All jokes aside whether a bonfire on the beach or a fun hike. I love to enjoy a SAFE but fun adventure. Get to know me better and please let me get to know you!!
P.S. You can't swipe right on this site but don't worries because we're already a match.


Hey, I'm Charles Darmanin. I was born and raised here in this amazing island called Puerto Rico. I studied Hotel management in Tampa, FL until 2010. I came back to Puerto Rico to work in my families company. In October 2016 I decided to quit the family business, to begin a new adventure wish I did not know what it will be. Living in an island, there are many things to do wish you will enjoy with us. Some of the activities we do here in the weekends is going to the beach,river, road trips, biking, cave exploring, camping, and many more thrilling adventures. Anthony and I are second cousins, and I have to say his a persone that once you meet him you will have the best time. When he told me about SBDT I was super inspired in what he was doing. It's not only traveling around the word, but giving back to the people in need and help the ecosystem in wish SBDT passes by. I love showing my amazing, beautiful, super fun island to everyone that visits. I'm super exited I can do the same to the SBDT guest. Like they say in Spanish Mi casa es su casa, this means my house is your house see you soon.

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